Jeff Bezos wants to build infrastructure for space startups

At the recently held re conference:Mars, the Amazon CEO, took the stage to "give an interview" to Jenny Freshwater, Amazon's director of forecasting. As expected, the interview of the subordinate with the boss will not reveal any difficult questions, but Bezos got the opportunity to tell a lot, from business advice to plans for Blue Origin. And the last part was especially interesting.

What Jeff Bezos wants: to create conditions for space exploration

Bezos noted that today we know much more about the Moon than ever before, including the fact that it provides a number of resources that make it a good base for further space exploration.

“The reason we have to go tocosmos is to save the earth, ”he said. “We are going to develop a civilization - and I'm talking about what our grandchildren and their grandchildren will work on. This is not something that can be done for our generation. But we need to move heavy industry from Earth. ”

However, creating the infrastructure for this will obviously be expensive.

“Infrastructure is always expensive,” Bezos said. “Amazon was easy to start in 1994 with little capital because the transportation system already existed.” Similarly, there was a payment system in the form of credit cards, and a telecommunications system.

“You cannot create an interesting spacecompany in my dorm room. The price of admission is too high, and the reason for this is that the infrastructure does not exist, ”said Bezos. “So my mission with Blue Origin is to help build this heavy infrastructure on which future generations can settle as I settled on the US Postal Service.”

We will not go far - today, Amazon is building its own logistics network and replacing the US postal service with its own delivery services.

After the opening of the Amazon space station, Bezos expects that the first deliveries will consist of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. "This will be a small but very important choice."

In any case, it is obvious that Bezos sees in Blue Origin a vital mission for the future of mankind. In this, he shares his passion with Ilon Mask and other space entrepreneurs.

It is worth noting that Amazon already offerssatellite ground stations as a service and plans to launch a satellite-based Internet satellite project - Project Kuiper. It will take 5-10 years and it is quite possible that it is Amazon that will lead the creation of infrastructure for the universal exploration of space.

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