Japanese private lunar module sent the first photo from space to Earth (2 photos)

In 2013, after the end of the Google competitionLunar X PRIZE, members of the Japanese team Hakuto founded ispace startup. Six years later, they announced the launch of their own lunar program. They decided to name it in honor of the name of the team - Hakuto-R. As part of a fresh project, specialists intend to deliver payloads to the lunar surface on a commercial basis. For this, it is planned to use the company's proprietary lander of the same name.

Hakuto-R was launched into space on December 11, 2022. And now, after a couple of days, the device sent its first picture to Earth. On it you can see the crescent of our planet:

Note that the device is capable of delivering a payload of 30 kg to the lunar surface. At the same time, its height is 2.3 m, and its width is 2.6 m. The mass of the module without fuel is 340 kg.