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Japanese billionaire will be the first space tourist SpaceX

SpaceX revealed the name of the person whothe first to fly on a BFR rocket to the moon. It will be the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who launched the dearMoon project and invited eight artists, including an artist, musician, director and fashion designer, whose names are kept secret.

The billionaire hopes that his project, created in collaboration with Elon Musk, will inspire artists to new masterpieces.

If Pablo Picasso could see the moon near,what would his paintings look like? If John Lennon could see the bends of the Earth, how would his songs sound? If they went into space, what would the world look like today?

Rocket flight is scheduled for 2023. The mission will last a week, during which the rocket will approach the Moon at a distance of 201 km and return to Earth.

In the history of mankind, the moon has visitedonly 24 people are participants in the Apollo space program. Astronauts landed on the surface of the satellite 6 times. The last time this happened in 1972 was part of the Apollo 17 mission. You can discuss the chances of a new space mission for success in our Telegram chat.