Japanese authorities organized a "hacking" of gadgets of citizens (3 photos)

Today, you can hack any intellectualAn electronic gadget, such as a Wi-Fi security camera or a connected thermostat. Practice shows that the “smarter” thing, the easier it is to hack. In Japan, the state decided to "help" its citizens who have such devices. Help, however, in this case is very peculiar.

As early as next month the staff of JapaneseThe National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies will travel around the country in an effort to gain access to citizens' vulnerable electronics. To do this, they will use default passwords and lists of passwords used most often.

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Testing will start with devices being crackedmost often - webcams and routers. "Government" hackers will try to gain access to this information at the place of work and residence of citizens. It is reported that Internet providers will be obliged to notify their users about the detected vulnerabilities in their IoT devices (Internet of Things).

According to experts, there is a direct link betweenorganized by the provocative program and the Olympic Games 2020, which will be held in Tokyo. At the time of their holding, the Japanese government plans to attract all the technological innovations and achievements, including the leading modern technologies in the field of facial recognition. But to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure of the country and to protect against carefully planned organized hacker attacks, it is necessary to minimize the number of weak points in the whole country.