Japan teams up with Uber, Boeing and Airbus to create flying cars for ten years

This country can not be called the world leader inautonomous or electric transport, but she plans to make cars fly. That's what the matter is: today Japan announced that it is collecting 21 companies and organizations, including such giants as Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Cartivator and Japan Airlines, in order to take the transport to the sky for 10 years.

The Japanese government has promised that it willthe main problem holding back the appearance of flying cars: regulation. "The Japanese government will provide appropriate support to help implement the concept of aircraft, such as creating acceptable rules," the ministry said. If Japan can quickly create a legal system in which aircraft can operate, it can bypass countries such as the United States, in which the Federal Aviation Association, as you know, is resolving such issues very slowly.

Why does Japan need flying cars?

Flying cars are definitely not ready forbecoming ubiquitous, but recently there has been significant progress in this area. Kitty Hawk, a flying taxi startup owned by Larry Page, is testing its large flying taxis over New Zealand and demonstrated the first versions of its Flyer earlier this year. Uber plans to launch flying taxis in five years and open a hub for its fleet in Paris in 2023.

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