Japan prepares protocol for meeting with UFO

The problem of contact with foreign civilizationsbecame relevant again after a recent official release by the US Department of Defense of a video about contacts between U.S. Air Force pilots and unidentified mysterious objects in 2004 and 2015. In turn, the Japanese defense department decided to change the protocols for military behavior in a collision with unidentified objects.

Head of Japanese Ministry of Defense says noHe believes in meeting with foreign civilizations in the near future, however, as a military man, he considers it necessary to have standard protocols for the most unexpected situations.

Currently when appearing in the airspace of Japan of an unidentified object, according to the protocol, after a request in English, identification of nationality and a second request in the national language of the country the object belongs to, pilots can open fire first with signal and then with combat missiles. However, for a UFO, such a protocol is meaningless and cannot be effective.

Given the fact that a UFO may be“Invisible” for radars and other means of air defense, pilots of any units, including cadets performing training flights, may come into potential contact with alien objects. Therefore, the minutes of the meeting with UFOs will be included in the basic courses for pilots in Japan.

Now, in the event of a UFO, Japanese pilotsmust avoid contacts (especially fire) and stop flights in the area where the object is located, observing it from a long distance. The decision on further behavior is taken by the central air defense authorities of the country. Also, the Minister of Defense of Japan expressed a desire to develop cooperation with the US Air Force already having "experience" with UFOs. The official would like to see US Air Force protocols in case of contact with unidentified objects.

Source: japantimes