Japan offers to cool smartphones with water (9 photos)

Electronic technology is being improved, powergadgets are increasing, their functions are expanding, but not without side effects: for example, smartphones began to heat up significantly more. Heat pipes and even coolers quite successfully provided cooling for desktop computers. It's time to worry about smartphones not overheating. Today, for them on the market began to appear CBO (water cooling system).

In Japan, developed and went on saleDropsy for the iPhone X and newer Apple smartphones. The device is quite simple: the most common silicone case, two tubes are connected to it, the reverse ends of which are connected to a small flask where water is poured. A miniature pump is also connected here. Power consumption - from 1 to 3 watts. In an hour, up to 200 liters of water passes through the system.

It should be noted that in such a coolingThe system needs those gadgets that are constantly in operation. The inconvenience that it brings is a loss of mobility: the device is very bulky, and for its operation it is necessary to connect to a power source via USB.

Such an accessory costs $ 30 in Japan.