Japan introduced an alternative option for the supply of the Internet (video)

The global project of Elon Mask broadcastInternet worldwide using the Starlink satellite system is at the initial stage of implementation. Full-fledged operation of the system will become possible after the creation of a sufficiently large group of satellites, which requires large financial investments and technical capabilities.

Meanwhile, in the Japanese company HAPS Mobiledeveloped an alternative system that does not require the launch of satellites into space. The HAWK30 unmanned aerial vehicle, which is a mono-wing equipped with ten electric motors, is used as a carrier for the translators. Technically, the device can rise to a height of 20 km, and replenish electricity through solar panels located on the wing surface.

HAPS aircraft performs the functionDistributing Internet Repeater. The location of the signal translators high above the surface of the Earth eliminates the interference, usually inherent in the spread of mobile Internet in the city using ground stations.
Currently, the aircraft has passed test flight tests and is preparing to compete with the global project Mask.