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Japan creates COVID 19 vaccine that provides lifelong immunity

Worldwide since the start of the coronavirus pandemicmany vaccines have been developed. This was a major breakthrough in the fight against the disease, thanks to which it was possible to somewhat reduce the mortality rate. However, all available vaccines have one serious drawback - over time, the level of antibodies in the blood falls. In addition, with the advent of new strains, their effectiveness is significantly reduced. But it looks like this issue will be resolved soon. Hope comes from Japanese scientists who are working on a vaccine that does not require revaccination. Its effectiveness will be lifelong. It is possible that it is with her appearance that the pandemic will end. In addition, the emergence of such vaccines will provide huge financial savings around the world.

Japan creates vaccines against coronavirus that will act for life

Smallpox vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Michinori Kohara, Officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan AreaInstitute of Medical Sciences, since 2020, he became interested in the creation of a vaccine based on the existing smallpox vaccine, which allowed the whole world to forget about a dangerous disease. The topic was close to the scientist, since he devoted more than 30 years to the study of the smallpox virus.

Spinal vaccine was created back in 1796 by the British scientist Edward Jenner. Statistics speaks of its effectiveness - the last time it was infected with smallpox was in 1977 in Somalia.

Michinori Kohara together with the NationalThe Institute for Infectious Diseases began the development of a modified vaccinia virus, which possesses the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in 2020. The virus selected by scientists is safe, while at the same time it is able to efficiently deliver the SARS-CoV-2 thorn gene.

Existing coronavirus vaccines require regular booster vaccinations

A vaccine against COVID-19 that works for life

A vaccine led by MichinoriKohara, is capable of producing effective neutralizing antibodies in a week. That is, the vaccine being developed begins to act much faster than all existing ones. But its most important advantage is the duration of the action. Tests in mice have shown that the vaccine remains effective for more than 20 months. This suggests that it was active throughout the life of the rodent.

Scientists used a virus to testspinal vaccine in conjunction with the HA gene of highly pathogenic avian influenza. During the study, all vaccinated mice survived, as opposed to unvaccinated ones. Similar results were shown in a primate trial of the vaccine. The scientists then tested a vaccine with the coronavirus thorn protein gene. It has also been shown to be highly effective against all existing strains of SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant. As the scientist himself says, this vaccine is the most powerful of all existing ones, with few side effects.

Adequate amount of antibodies, as statedabove, occurs after the first vaccination within a week. However, to improve the effectiveness, the vaccination should be repeated after two to three weeks. This allows you to increase the number of antibodies tenfold.

High fever is an unpleasant side effect of existing vaccines

Another important plus of the smallpox vaccine- the minimum number of side effects. Vaccinations that are currently in use lead to a rise in temperature. Another common side effect is myocarditis, which usually develops in men, as we discussed earlier. This significantly complicates the large-scale vaccination program. Of course, there are no vaccines that are completely free of side effects. However, smallpox vaccination has been effectively used for nearly 50 years.

When will there be a vaccine with a life-long duration?

Japanese pharmaceutical company NobelpharmaCo plans to conduct clinical trials of the vaccine in the first half of next year. The research will involve up to 200 volunteers. Among them will be those who have suffered from COVID 19, as well as those who have previously been vaccinated. If the vaccine is proven safe and effective in clinical trials, the final phase will begin in 2024. In the same year, the vaccine should go on sale.

Michinori Kohara, creator of the coronavirus vaccine

As strange as it sounds, the most seriousthe obstacle to the release of this vaccine is lack of funding, according to The Japan Times. For the last phase of clinical trials, several tens of billions of yen will be needed. Currently, the project is actively funded by Nobelpharma, but the company is unable to provide all the necessary financial assistance alone.

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The government has allocated 100 billion yen forfinancing of drug development. However, Nobelpharma and the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences are not included in this program, as they previously did not have experience in creating vaccines.

Scientists hope the government will change itsopinion after the vaccine successfully passes the first two vases of clinical trials. Finally, I would like to note that positive news comes from other scientists as well. In particular, an antibody was found in China that neutralizes all strains of the coronavirus, including Omicron.