Jaguar came up with the language to communicate people and cars

Autonomous cars are able to communicate betweenand share information about road conditions, but how will they communicate with pedestrians? How will people learn about the intentions of cars: when are they going to budge and which way to turn? Jaguar has been asking these questions for years, and now it has introduced a language that will allow pedestrians and autonomous taxis to understand each other. The means of communication should be understandable in all corners of the world and it seems that the presented technology fully meets this requirement.

No numbers, text messages and sound.signals - the company believes that it is better to notify pedestrians about the actions of cars by using light strips projected onto the asphalt. It is extremely easy to remember the signals: when braking, the gaps between the lanes decrease, and when moving off, they increase. Also, the bars show which way the car is going to turn. You can see how it looks in the video below.

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The developers claim that at the moment ittest technology. In the coming years, the mass appearance of autonomous transport is not planned, so the company has enough time to bring its idea to the ideal state. Previously, she showed very strange options - for example, she offered pedestrians to look at the virtual eyes of cars.

She is not the only one who intends to createmeans of communication between cars and people. Ford, for example, plans to use an indicator light under the windshield for this: when the car is moving, it is lit, and when it passes pedestrians, it starts blinking.

It is considered that it is important for manufacturers to come toconsensus and create a universal tool that will be used in all cars. After all, it’s scary to imagine how difficult it will be for pedestrians if they have to learn the “languages” of each car model.

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