Itch sells a set of 1,500 indie ingredients for just $ 5

On the itch gaming recently launched a project in which computer game lovers could purchase over 700 applications for just five dollars. The real cost of the games sold was more than 3 thousand dollars. Now, during a charity campaign aimed at raising funds to support the fight against racism, Itch has increased its package by more than 800 gaming applications.

In the first package, consumers were asked to buyfor 5 dollars 742 games. To date, this proposal brings together 1,427 applications. Among the games offered to gamers are such popular applications as Night in the Woods, Celecte, Mortician’s Tale and A Short Hike.

The organizers focus on the factthat the proceeds will be directed to special Legal Protection Funds against police arbitrariness and to combat the manifestation of racism. The organizers aim to raise $ 5 million and five days before the end of the campaign more than $ 4.5 million has already been raised. At the same time, the price of five dollars for 1427 games, the real value of which is 7891 dollars, is minimal, and users can deposit any amount of their own free will. Currently, on average, gamers made $ 11 in donations for an extended package.

Source: itch