Italian Style and High Tech: Donut Speakers

Is Italian design cool? Well, at least that's what most Russian bohemian fashionistas think.

But who would have thought that Italian design could be cool not only in terms of handbags, but also in technology.

This time the designers have created an IRIS hybrid speaker.

In shape, it strongly resembles a donut, whichcan be moved along rails. It is assumed that the structure will be attached to the wall, and at the same time it will become a kind of sconce. Yes, it has a backlight.

In order to fit perfectly into one or anotherinterior, you can choose different colors from the manufacturer, which is quite enough for yourself. You can place the entire structure on the wall both vertically and horizontally.

Thanks to the fasteners in the speaker itself, it is easy toslides over the mount. Inside, special grooves are built in, which are upholstered with silicone. The speaker itself is covered with fabric, and there is a frame around it. As for the sound adjustment, there is a special wheel, just like in a watch.
It is planned that this whole structure will be compatible with the smart home system, and it will also have AI embedded in it.

The only thing that upsets this whole design is the inability to hide the wires. But if you try hard, then this problem can be solved.