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It turns out that for 10,000 rubles you can buy a cool smartphone

How much should it cost good smartphone? Star question. Moreover, the requirements for a new device, oddly enough, for most of us are similar to the point of confusion. Normal main camera, large display, new android, NFC and a capacious battery, charging from which wouldEnough for a couple, or better for three days. In general, the list of requirements is completely standard, and the prices for modern smartphones differ oh so much. A fork can range from 10-15 thousand rubles to 60-80 and even 100. But why spend money if you can buy everything the same, but at a bargain price without overpaying?

Itel Vision 3 Plus is the most affordable smartphone with this feature set

Ever since Chinese brands got into the habit of makingsmartphones in the same price category as the iPhone, you and I have almost nothing to pay attention to. No, of course, there were still some single options with a low price list on sale, but they were faceless - actually hastily assembled from what was - devices with unattractive characteristics. Therefore, it is logical that new manufacturers began to enter this niche, which we had never heard of before. One of them is Itel, which, as it turned out, makes absolutely excellent smartphones for sane money.


  • 1 Big screen smartphone
  • 2 Itel Vision 3 Plus - Display
    • 2.1 How the Itel Vision 3 Plus camera shoots
  • 3 Big battery phone
  • 4 The cheapest smartphone with NFC

Big screen smartphone

Itel Vision 3 Plus — a model that, if it does not turn yourunderstanding of smartphones, it will certainly make you think about what should be the pricing policy in the mobile market. Because it costs, unlike devices of well-known brands, one and a half times cheaper, but at the same time it has a comparable set of features.

It is unlikely that such a location of the fingerprint scanner can be called convenient

Itel Vision 3 Plus is a shovel in a good way. The device has a large display of 6.82 inches, which is more than the top-end iPhone 13 Pro Max. At the same time, our hero is even slightly smaller in width:78 mm vs. 78.1 mm. This means that it will be just as convenient to use it, because the smart will not have to be intercepted on weight or insured with the other hand. After all, in fact, the height of the device is not even as important as its width. If it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, this is already a success.

Not to say that Itel Vision 3 Plus has some outstanding design. There is almost nothing to say about the front of the smartphone, but the back is rendered very well. Looks very good find designers Itel in the form of a characteristic corrugation of the cover, which is clearly more expensive to manufacture than just glossy coloring. But fingerprint scanner in one block with the main camera did not like -you are unlikely to miss, but due to the high height of the smartphone, you will have to stretch quite far. But since fingerprinting can be replaced by face recognition, this problem can be written off.

Itel Vision 3 Plus - display

For the convenience of users (and obviously for reasons of economy), the smartphone was equipped with TN matrix. Perhaps it will not be as bright and saturatedlike the same iPhone, but you will not be annoyed by the PWM that appears. Well, if manufacturers fail to get rid of flickering on top-end devices, what can we say about state employees. Here Itel acted very competently: they did not pull an owl on the globe, but they did it just conveniently.

The Itel Vision 3 Plus has a large display. Really big. Whole 6.82 inches

Despite the seemingly budgetary matrix, its refresh rate is 90Hz. Yes, not the top figure in the industry, but damntake it, we have a smartphone that costs even less than 10,000 rubles. If the manufacturer wanted to save money, the hertz could definitely be left as standard. But no. The guys from Itel took care of their users and their comfort. Moreover, on such a large screen as the Vision 3 Plus, watching videos and playing is strictly necessary.

Own shell Itel Vision 3 Plus plays into his hands

For iron, everything is more or less standard here. At the heart of the new Unisoc T606 processor. This chip has 2 Cortex-A75 cores at 1.6GHz and 6 Cortex-A55 cores at the same frequency. This provides the smartphone with an excellent balance of performance and energy efficiency. Responsible for graphics coprocessor Mali-G57, and the amount of RAM is 4 GB. Yes, this setup is unlikely to handle top games at maximum settings. But here's something simpler, he will work as it should.

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How the Itel Vision 3 Plus camera shoots

The device takes pictures very well too. Competent hardware layout, coupled with good optimization, allows it to produce excellent frames in a variety of scenarios:

During the day, Itel Vision 3 Plus shoots without any complaints at all

Smartphone works great with colored objects

Autofocus detects objects in the foreground and blurs the back even outside of portrait mode

And this is how Itel Vision 3 Plus works out in difficult lighting conditions

The front camera is not fire, but it will do for video calls

By the way, such a competent software setting was possible only as part of our own Itel firmware, and she is here, oddly enough, her own. The manufacturer got confused and developed a proprietary platform Itel OS based on Android 11. It supports Google services and all applications from Google Play. So there will definitely be no problems with software and games. And, if something is not in the official catalog, you can download apk.

phone with big battery

With autonomy, too, everything should be ok. Still, it’s not every day that you see a 6000 mAh battery in smartphones. And in the case of Itel Vision 3 Plus, it is also flavored with an energy management system AI Power Master Management. It allocates resources in a special way batteries depending on what kind of tasks you perform, thus achieving a more efficient use of energy.

Behind this ribbed back is a truly huge battery.

Here's what the hourly breakdown looks like operation of Itel Vision 3 Plus on a single charge:

  • Talk time - 32 hours
  • Standby time - 823 hours
  • Music playback time - 230 hours
  • Video playback time - 15.8 hours
  • Game time - 7.1 hours

However, if and when the battery still sits down, you will not have problems to quickly replenish its resource. Smartphone is charging at a power of 18 W, which is in the context of the capacity of its battery- quite a decent indicator. This is three times faster than the previous generation of the brand's smartphones. Thus, after only 10 minutes of charging, Itel Vision 3 Plus will be able to work for 3.5 hours of talk time.

The cheapest smartphone with NFC

Looking at Itel Vision 3 Plus, you understand that they did not save on a smartphone, despite the obvious budget restrictions. There is even NFC for contactless payment. On the websites of some stores it is indicated that there is support for Google Pay. This is not true. Itel Visio 3 Plus works exclusively with MirPay, since the payment service of the search giant in our country has been disabled for some time now. However, this is not a big problem. The main thing is to set everything up correctly:

  • Download Mir Pay app from Google Play or AppGallery;
  • Run it, give the requested privileges and log in;

You can add a card of almost any bank to Mir Pay if it is issued under the auspices of Mir

  • Click "Add a card" and either take a photo of it or scan it with NFC;

The main thing is not to forget to enable Mir Pay as a default payment method

  • Enter the three-digit CVP code located on the back of the card;
  • Turn on Mir Pay to pay for purchases by default instead of Google Pay.

Buy Itel Vision 3 Plus

Now, in essence: Itel Vision 3 Plus is great smartphonewhich makes it even better in an unprecedented waylow price. Even the devices of one Chinese manufacturer, which mows down under Apple, are more expensive today, and functionally they are much poorer. Itel Vision 3 Plus has everything you need for everyday use and even more: a good camera, a stable and fast shell, a huge battery with fast charging and even NFC - and all this for 9990 rubles.