It is possible to break the electronic lock when measuring power

Currently, high-security electronic locks are widely used in trade enterprises, ATMs, and are used at military bases and in government offices.

IOActive Specialist Identifies Vulnerability inlocks by the Swiss company DormaKaba Holding, which will allow criminals to hack using the device’s power consumption measurement. For this purpose, an enthusiast himself used an oscilloscope purchased for $ 5,000.

DormaKaba locks equipped with autonomous systemspower supply, making them independent of external power networks. Crackers got the opportunity to conduct an attack using third-party channels when measuring small fluctuations in the castle’s power system.

A specialist from IOActive said that he couldstart the analog signal, and by converting it to a binary system, find out everything “... what happens inside the lock”. Given that this type of locks is installed at important government sites, crackers can gain access to classified information.

The expert reported his findings to DormaKaba Holding, which, after examination by a third-party specialist, stated that the locks "... behave as expected."

Source: SecurityLab