It is possible: a device is created that muffles the sound without blocking the air

Concert halls and recording studios coveredthick veneer with large cavities that effectively dampen external noise. Since sound waves travel through the air, acoustic materials noticeably impede its circulation. Researchers at Boston University have solved this problem by creating a fairly simple device that drowns up to 94% of external noise, while still being able to pass air. Its effectiveness was proved during the experiment, filmed on video.

The new "silencer" is a printedon a 3D printer, a ring whose shape is made according to exact mathematical standards. The material in the outer ring is twisted like a spiral — such a structure prevents sounds from passing through the open center, pushing the sound waves back toward the source.

To test the effectiveness of the device, theyput a ring on a PVC pipe, one end of which is leaning against the speaker. When the speaker began to emit white noise, at the other end of the tube it was practically inaudible. When the "silencer" was removed, the sound seemed to fill the entire room. According to researchers, the device was able to drown out 94% of the noise.

We observed this kind of results on computer modeling for several months, but it’s one thing to see the results on a computer, and another to hear them in reality.

Jacob Nikolaichik, one of the authors of the study

The authors of the project believe that such a deviceIt can be useful in a huge number of situations where it is important to silence the sound without blocking the air. For example, such a filter can be placed around the outlet openings of jet engines, and even in the ventilation systems of rooms. It is noteworthy that the device does not necessarily have to have a round shape.

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We can give the device a cube shape orhexagon. Our design is very light, open and beautiful. Every detail can be used as a tile or brick to create a sound-absorbing permeable wall.

Reza Ghaffariwardwa, one of the authors of the study

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