Israeli scientists teach goldfish to drive ground vehicles (video)

An experiment conducted at the UniversityBen-Gurion in Israel, proved that goldfish are able not only to manage "mobile" aquariums moving on land, but can also learn and perform certain tasks assigned to them by researchers. The purpose of the experiments was to study the navigational abilities of fish in an environment unusual for them.

Israeli scientists claim that goldfishdemonstrated the ability to navigate on land and drive a specially designed "fish car". Six goldfish, trained to use this device, managed to walk around the small room and find the reward. In this case, the goal was achieved regardless of the starting point of the “journey” of the device controlled by fish.

The fish car is a mobileaquarium with transparent organic glass walls. The aquarium is mounted on a platform with four wheels. A LIDAR sensor is installed above the surface of the water, which records the movements of the fish. A special algorithm converts the movement of fish into control signals for the movement of the platform with the aquarium.

The result of the experiment showed highfish's ability to learn. The simplest platform control tasks consisted in passing a given route, at the end of which the fish were rewarded in the form of food. If the first time the fish needed up to 30 minutes to complete the task, then after the “training” the passage of the quest in a small room took less than one minute.

Explain the rapid adaptation of fish to managementmovement on land is possible from two points of view. According to one hypothesis, the navigation system of fish is so primitive that they do not see the difference between water and land. Another hypothesis is that fish have unique abilities that have not yet been studied and are not known to humans.

Source: timesofisrael