Israeli experts can steal data using fan vibration recording (video)

Protecting data stored on computers,is a priority for cyber security professionals from Ben Gurion University of Israel. University experts are known for inventing original techniques that allow remote hacking of a computer disconnected from the network using the most unusual methods. A new development of scientists will allow to steal data from a computer using an analysis of the recording of oscillations of coolers located inside a computer system unit.

Analysis of fan vibration frequencies is based onThe hypotheses of Israeli experts have revealed a connection between a computer solving specific problems and physical phenomena occurring inside the system unit. Scientists investigated the microvibrations of the processor, hard drive, coolers, video card and revealed patterns inherent in solving specific problems.

It is known that the greatest vibration of the systemunit causes the main fan. Therefore, to increase the information content of the signals, Israeli experts introduced an elementary trojan on the computer that regulates the rotation speed of the cooler blades.

Read system unit fan vibrationspossible with a simple smartphone Galaxy S10, which has a sensitive accelerometer with a resolution of 0.0023956299 m / s2. The analysis of data obtained from the accelerometer is conducted in the background and is not visible to others. Therefore, for hacking, it is enough to put a smartphone one and a half meters from the computer system unit. The only condition is the absence of noise interference in the room. Analysis of cooler vibration data is available both in Android devices and for iOS devices.

A technology called AiR-ViBeR will beused by cybersecurity experts to prevent possible hacking of the system. Special services may use technology in their specific tasks, in this case, the AiR-ViBeR will be kept secret and not widespread.

Source: arxiv