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Is working with PDF difficult? Try this app

Many of us have to work with one way or anotherPDF documents. Some people need it in the office, others simply prefer to exchange documentation in PDF format, as it is convenient to use and economical in traffic consumption. The problem is that if you need to edit a PDF file, you have to upload a round sum, since most free applications are limited only to the viewing function.

PDFelement - a powerful combine for working with PDF

PDFelement 7 solves this problem, andit costs much cheaper than analogues, so giving a chance to it is definitely worth it. Yes, this is the same famous PDF program that performs tasks from editing PDFs and adding annotations to extracting data from PDF and combining several documents. This year it was updated to the seventh version and became available in the Mac App Store, and it became even easier to get to know it. Moreover, the interface has undergone significant changes - now it is like Microsoft Word, only for PDF.

You can start working with PDF directly from the main page.

You can use the document to navigatenavigation elements on the left. They are responsible for quick access to editing text, images, links, forms and other tools. If formatting or searching a document is required, bookmarks, thumbnails and comments go forward to the right panel. There is no heap of interface elements, as before; everything is clear, convenient and concise.

The controls are left and right.

As mentioned at the very beginning, PDFelement 7- not just a utility to change the letter in a word in a PDF document or insert a picture where necessary. The application can convert files to PDF and vice versa, leave annotations, signatures, and also export a document in any convenient format. But for dessert, the developers left the function of combining PDF documents.

Perhaps the application has all the necessary functions

Even familiar PDF editing can becomecompletely different: for example, if you work in the banking sector and you need to put a watermark on all documents, this can be done with PDFelement. It also provides the ability to edit images and graphics in your PDF files.

Advanced PDF editing is provided.

You can set the watermark in one click

We often deal with paper versions.documents, and it doesn’t matter in which area, whether it’s medicine, finance or marketing. Sooner or later, all this has to be digitized, but it’s much more convenient to archive this way. What to do after documents are scanned? That's right, entrust them to a utility that recognizes text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. At the output, we have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to work with, but also you can make various edits.

OCR converts images to text format

In addition to all this, the application has the abilityAutomatically recognize form fields and extract large amounts of data. If you are talking about a confidential document, using the special function of the PDFelement program, you can put password protection on it.

To work with forms, developers have added a special section.

There are tools for collaboration with documents

Who needs this app? Yes to everyone who is somehow connected with the PDF format. For example, medical records are often kept in several formats, financial documents are stored either in .docx or in PDF, and I want to fix everything and bring the system to a common denominator. Even reports, which are often submitted in .doc and .docx formats, can be transferred to PDF if you have such a tool at hand.

PDFelement is available for both Windows and OS X, inincluding in the Mac App Store, and the last point is very important, since there are simply no normal utilities for working with PDF on Mac, and if they are, they are like a wing of a Boeing. The trial version will allow you to get acquainted with the functionality of the application, which then can easily be used for both personal and corporate purposes.

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