Is salt true “white death”?

Did you know that some 500 years ago,a kilogram of salt and a kilogram of selected meat cost almost the same? Such injustice caused even salt riots around the world, the participants of which demanded lower prices for this white substance necessary for conservation. Meanwhile, the debate about the usefulness of sodium chloride could more or less subside only with the onset of the 21st century. So is the expression of the heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko true that “Salt is a white death” or not?

Currently, salt is an indispensable product that is used almost everywhere. However, this was not always the case.

Where does salt come from?

Edible or table salt iscolorless crystals that do not have any smell, but with a specific taste. People knew about the palatability of salt in ancient times, when it was mined by burning some deciduous trees. More or less industrial production of sodium chloride has appeared on the territory of modern Europe, namely on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Then the salt was extracted from a natural spring located in the territory of the Provadiya-Solnitsata settlement by evaporation. Currently, edible salt is mined in discovered deposits of sodium chloride in place of dried up ancient seas.

Salt Cave in Poland

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The benefits and harms of salt

A modern person may seem verydifficult to imagine ordinary life without the presence of salt in it. In addition, sodium ions, contained in large quantities in crystals of sodium chloride, are an extremely important element for the normal functioning of the human body. So, sodium helps to normalize the water balance in the human body, participates in the process of muscle contraction, and also normalizes metabolism.

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However, excessive use of cookerysalt threatens us, first of all, the development of cardiovascular diseases, which include hypertension and atherosclerosis of blood vessels. In addition, do not try to eat more than 250 grams of sodium chloride at a time, since even this small dose is considered fatal to humans.

250 grams of salt eaten at a time can lead to death

Death for the body can lead not onlyexcess salt intake, but also a complete rejection of it. In the absence of sodium ions in a person’s blood, a person falls into a state called hyponatremia. This unpleasant disease develops due to improper drinking. In other words, you can die by gulping too much water. By the way, the volume of 7.5 liters is considered a lethal dose of any liquid. A similar record was set in a fatal accident in 2007 with Jennifer Strange, who died due to a one-time intake of a large amount of liquid.