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Is it true that women are worse at math?

For a long time it was believed that women possessless mathematical ability compared to men due to certain biological differences that have a strong influence on their understanding of technology, engineering processes and natural science subjects. According to the British portal, the latest study, which involved 104 children aged 3 to 10 years, 55 of whom were girls, showed that both sexes have the same abilities in mathematics. Does this fact mean that male and female thinking has much more in common than previously thought?

Can women have outstanding math skills?

Why are there more male mathematicians than female mathematicians?

An example of Sofia Kovalevskaya, who at one timebecame the first woman to receive the official title of professor of mathematics; for a long time she has not tempted girls to give up everything in the name of science. In the XXI century, most of them are often disappointed in natural science subjects, giving way to young men in technical universities and turning mathematics into an almost completely “male” science. Such an uneven distribution of sexes often gives the male population of the planet an occasion to think that mathematics is simply not created for the female mind, sharpened on the establishment of social ties and raising children. Despite such a judgment, examples of female scientists of the past suggest the opposite, especially highlighting Sophia Kovalevskaya, Hypatia of Alexandria, Nicole Lepot and Sophie Germain as well-known mathematicians who contributed to the development of world science.

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The unpopularity of mathematics as a science amongThe female population of the planet may be associated with the presence of a huge number of cliches and prejudices, but not with the structure of the female brain, says an article from NPJ Science of Learning. Considering mathematics to be not the most socially important science, girls most often prefer social professions in the context of their potential benefits, choosing pedagogy, medicine and biology.

In order to confirm or denyThis theory, scientists conducted an unusual experiment, consisting in watching a diverse group of children teaching video with mathematical concepts and including examples on the score and addition. In parallel with this, the researchers plotted the brain activity of children using an MRI scanner. After the experiment, similar actions were taken with adults who were asked to watch the same video as the children.

A new study showed that women and men have equal math abilities

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The results of the experiment showedthat statistically equivalent levels of neural maturity in the brain of both adults and children develop at the same rate regardless of gender. This fact suggests that despite the fact that the total share of girls graduating from technical universities is only about 20% of the total number of graduates, the human brain functions the same and does not specialize in any particular field of science depending on gender. Preferences in choosing one or another area of ​​professional development are most often consistent with public opinion and traditions, forcing girls to choose specialties that are more prestigious in the eyes of society.