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Is it true that thousands of Brazilians saw a UFO crash?

Well, lovers of conspiracy theories, it’s yourstime! According to recent publications in the world media, thousands of Brazilians saw an unidentified flying object in the sky. Needless to say, the numerous videos published on social networks provoked a wave of real madness. Reports that the UFO allegedly crashed in a Brazilian forest instantly diverged on Twitter after users uploaded videos that showed the alleged unknown object to glow with blue, red, and yellow lights. In one video, you can see that the lights are arranged in a triangle. Eyewitnesses also report that Google maps hid pictures from the site of the UFO crash. But what is the likelihood that this unidentified object is actually something from other worlds, and not an ordinary satellite or drone, skillfully assembled by jokers?

Did the aliens suddenly decide to fly to Rio de Janeiro or is there another explanation?

I see a UFO!

The astronomer and popularizer of science Karl Sagan in his book “A world full of demons. Science is like a candle in darkness ”writes:

In 1992, the results of a survey conducted in the United Stateshave shown that more than 6,000 adult Americans believe in aliens. But for some reason, no one bothered to answer the question of why creatures so successful in physics and engineering - they overcome huge interstellar spaces, pass through walls through ghosts - are they much less able in biology? Why, if they try to keep a secret, simply do not erase all the memories of the abduction? Can not? And why do all of their equipment correspond to the size of a person and looks very much like the equipment of a regional clinic? Why do these multiple coexistence of aliens with humans?

Nothing, next time we’ll be taken for sure

The first mention of "flying saucers" appearedin the middle of the twentieth century. That was the time when humanity was preparing for travels to the moon and other planets. The idea that another, more ancient and development civilization could well reach us from a distant star system was in the air. At the same time, all testimonies about meetings with aliens and flying saucers are based solely on the testimonies of witnesses - broken and extremely contradictory. For some, the object was moving rapidly, for others, it froze in the air, still others reported that the ship had the shape of a ball, disk, and even a cigar. The UFOs were buzzing, completely silent, or just sparkling, shimmering in different colors.

In fact, most UFO reports were ... honest. In most cases, people observed natural, albeit not quite ordinary phenomena. So, some UFOs turned out to be high-altitude balloons, luminous insects, optical illusions, mirages, planets seen in unusual atmosphericconditions, light refraction, meteors, artificial satellites, launch vehicles that enter orbit, etc. Moreover, it cannot be ruled out that these could be small comets that decayed in the upper atmosphere.

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Needless to say, this area of ​​the “unknown”attracts a huge number of charlatans who want to make money on stories about UFOs and bloodthirsty sexually preoccupied aliens who just need what to pick up your seminal fluid or eggs. Journalists, science fiction writers, the Internet and social networks also contributed to the spread of the alien myth. Well, what can I say, the topic is really interesting.

This image was subsequently removed from Google maps.

A Google spokesman tried to explain this mysterious phenomenon to Vice:

In this case, what people see in the pictures isit is a reflection that temporarily overloads the satellite sensor. Essentially, the sun reflected off the building’s surface at a right angle, which briefly “blinded” the satellite. This is a fairly common phenomenon, known as light (English blooming).

Witnesses also allegedly heard loud explosions andshots near the crash site. One way or another, even if an unidentified flying object in the sky over Brazil is the alien ship, nevertheless, a more reasonable explanation is a satellite or other astronomical phenomenon. Agree, it is better to admit the unknown than to accept a false explanation for the truth.