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Is it possible to transplant a sick kidney to a person?

Today, organ transplants fromthe body of healthy people into the bodies of seriously ill patients is one of the most complex surgical operations. Moreover, this treatment method annually saves the lives of hundreds of people, but there are always not enough organs suitable for transplantation. Even if surgeons manage to find workable bone marrow, liver, lungs and kidneys, over time they are rejected due to various complications. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, up to 9,000 patients drop out of the line for organ transplants each year. But, as the results of a study conducted by scientists from the US state of Maryland, many of the organs rejected by doctors still remain suitable, and if surgeons revise the selection criteria, many people may well get the necessary organ and continue a full life.

Many damaged kidneys could be successfully transplanted into the organisms of needy patients.

The results of the study were published ina scientific publication called JAMA Network Open. According to scientists, every year, American surgeons throw out hundreds of kidneys, despite the fact that they could well take root in other people's organisms. And the thing is that in the organs prepared for transplantation, the so-called "acute kidney damage" is often diagnosed, because of which, according to doctors, the organ may not take root in recipient organisms.

Recipients are people who need to transplant healthy tissues and organs.

What organs can be transplanted to humans?

Today surgeons are able to transplantmany organs, from hair to hearts. However, human kidneys may fail several hours before surgery due to an increase in nitrogen compounds and imbalance in fluid balance. Having discovered such problems, many doctors believe that the organ may not take root in the new body and throw it away, depriving patients of hope for a cure and a healthy life in the future. But there is a likelihood that damaged kidneys can recover and function quite well.

Do you know how long organs for transplantation can be outside the body?

That damaged kidneys can take root like thisas good as healthy, scientists found out in a small study. They examined organ transplant data from 13,444 deceased people into organisms of 25,323 patients with severe renal failure between 2010 and 2013. As it turned out, out of these 25 323 people, about 12 810 patients received kidneys with obvious injuries, and 12 513 acquired completely healthy organs. It turned out that in most cases, supposedly unsuitable organs functioned in the bodies of recipients as well as healthy ones. For four to six years after surgery, no serious problems were observed in the patients.

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According to researchers, due to throwingbetween 2010 and 2013, at least 8,000 people lost the potential for organ transplants between 2010 and 2013. In this regard, scientists urged surgeons to review their selection criteria. In particular, the doctor of medical sciences Chirag Parih advised them to be bolder during operations, because in any case they have the opportunity to preserve people's health. Indeed, by throwing away organs they seem to throw human lives into the urn.