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Is it possible to save the planet by learning to make “food from the air”?

The population of our planet is growing steadily, throwingmore and more challenges to the environment and demanding more food every day. In order to prevent the impending food crisis of the future, scientists are already seriously working on creating unique technologies that make it possible to make food from renewable energy or even air. Can such drastic measures save our planet? Let's try to understand this unusual question together in this article.

Food from air, electricity and water may be on our tables in the very near future.

Is it possible to create food from the air?

In one of our recent articles, we have already spokenthat very unusual types of food can appear on store shelves in the very near future of mankind. According to information published on, environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot claims that creating food from renewable resources can truly transform modern food production, which will greatly ease the burden of human demands on the environment. The specialist especially highlights the Finnish company Solar Foods, which has learned how to produce food from the air by splitting the water it contains into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen formed in this way becomes a source of energy for bacteria that can turn carbon dioxide into an organic substance rich in proteins. According to studies, the efficiency of the production of “food from the air” can be 20,000 times higher than this, because even the smallest area could feed a huge number of people in this way.

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As you know, one of the most important problemswhich causes massive extinction of animals across the planet, is the loss of their habitat, directly related to the development of agriculture. In addition, food obtained through photosynthesis can be much less effective than food grown using electricity. So, if only 0.5 percent of solar energy is converted into plants, then when converting electricity to food through hydrogen, scientists get an energy efficiency of about 20%.

Protein obtained using only air and electricity

According to Solar Foods, the process of creating foodfrom the air it is economically feasible and able to beat the price of soy, which is currently recognized as the cheapest protein widely used for animal feed. However, there is one problem - 99% of the hydrogen currently used by the company is produced from fossil fuels, which does not lead to a reduction in harmful emissions into the atmosphere of our planet. In other words, the creation of progressive food must be accompanied by the use of a huge amount of renewable energy sources to produce pure hydrogen, thereby undermining efforts to limit climate change.

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Be that as it may, use and usegreen food will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, which, by and large, may be the most preferable option in the current ecological situation of the planet.