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Is it possible to remember new information by associating it with smells?

If by nature you have excellent memory, youbig lucky. And all because people with poor memory have to resort to a variety of tricks to remember information. For example, in 2018, Australian scientists and designers developed the Sans Forgetica font, which helps people better remember readable text. Also, some people remember new information, associating them with any objects. But is it possible to keep new information in mind, associating it with all kinds of smells? After all, one could, for example, while studying, inhale the aroma of certain perfumes and apply them to their clothes during exams. Perhaps in this way it would be possible to quickly recall the information learned earlier?

You can improve your memory with different smells.

Scientists fromGerman city of Freiburg. According to the scientific journal Scientific Reports, they conducted a study with 54 schoolchildren aged 11-12. All these children faced a rather difficult task for them - to learn certain words from the English dictionary and remember them a week later during the test work. Researchers suggested that they prepare aromatic sticks with the smell of roses next to themselves during preparation for the test. In their opinion, associating the words read during preparation with this smell, the children could well remember them better. And when you inhale the aroma during sleep, information could be more fixed in memory.

How to quickly memorize information?

Children were divided into three groups. Schoolchildren from the first group put incense sticks on their tables during preparation for the test work at home and during the test itself. The second group of children inhaled the aroma of a rose during home preparation and during sleep for a whole week, and they were forbidden to bring incense sticks to the test itself. The third group of children inhaled floral odors during preparation, during sleep, and even at the test work itself.

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According to scientists, the scent of flowers helped studentsremember English words 30% better than when learning without flavored sticks. They also emphasized that the inhalation of the aromas used during training further improved brain function as part of the control work itself. Scientists attributed this to the fact that by associating certain knowledge with different smells, people can literally pull the necessary information from their memory when they re-sense the aroma.

Scientists noted that even unpleasant odors help to remember information.

According to study leader JürgenKornmeier, it is sudden and surprising that a sense of smell can so greatly improve a person’s memory. Scientists had previously guessed this, but the assumption was proved only in the framework of laboratory research. Now it has become known that the method of storing information through association with odors works in real conditions.

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Scientists noted that improving their skill quicklyYou can recall certain information using any odors. Thus, information from one school subject can be associated with the smell of flowers, and the other with the aroma of any perfume.