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Is it possible to grow grapes on Mars?

According to The Washington Post, inTbilisi is based on a project for growing grapes suitable for cultivation on the Red Planet. The team of scientists of the IX Millennium project relies on the winemaking heritage of Georgia, which has nearly 8 thousand years. Earlier, a number of private and state agencies announced their intentions to send a man to Mars. So, NASA hopes that the manned mission to Mars will take place in 2034, and the head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that his company plans the first manned mission to the Red Planet already in 2024.

Having studied the Martian soil, the first colonists will be able to grow various crops on Mars

How will growing grapes help colonize Mars?

Although growing vineson Mars is questionable, like the first manned mission to the Red Planet, research can help answer questions about radiation, dust and other problems related to livelihood agriculture on Mars. Moreover, the researchers do not exclude the possibility that one day the colonists will sip Georgian wine, contemplating the Martian sunset.

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The team plans to build a laboratory in Georgia,in which Martian conditions will be recreated. This will select grape varieties that can thrive on Mars. Thanks to the NASA Phoenix mission, which explored Martian soil in detail, researchers were able to replicate its unique characteristics to test the potential of the soil for growing crops. Typically, Martian soil is reproduced using crushed basalt from an extinct volcano in the Mojave Desert in California. The process will be monitored by experts from the European Space Agency. Scientists pin their hopes on white grapes, in particular on the Rkatsiteli variety, which is known for its high resistance to cold winters, hot summers, and is also able to withstand viruses. The effects of radiation on grapes will also be verified.

What kind of alcohol will future colonists drink?

Georgia is far from the first country totakes into account the need for alcohol of future Martian colonists. In 2017, Budweiser announced its intention to produce space beer by sending barley into space to explore how one of the key ingredients in beer responds to a microgravity environment.

And what kind of drink would you like to try on the Red Planet?

Budweiser partnered with the Science Development Center inSpace (CASIS), an organization that manages the United States International Space Station. The National Laboratory and Space Tango, which operates two commercial research centers within the national laboratory, conduct a series of experiments. Budweiser intends to be "the first beer on Mars." The manufacturer hopes that their space beer will be on board during a manned mission to the Red Planet. In the meantime, recent scientific research suggests that any amount of alcohol is unhealthy. And more recently, we told you about the changes that occur with the body with the daily use of alcohol-containing drinks.