Is it possible to get rich if to mine cryptocurrencies on a home computer? Seven day experiment

Last week we learned that mining againbrings good money. For example, even on a three-gigabyte GTX 1060 from Nvidia you can earn about a dollar a day. Against the background of good news, we decided to test the profitability of mining in practice. For the experiment, we took three computers with different video cards, chose three cryptocurrencies and mined them exactly one week. We share the results.

A small introduction. Mining cryptocurrency - not the highest mathematics for the student Losers. To start mining coins do not need a degree and something like that. Just a little time and at least one video card.

See how easy it is to start mining cryptocurrency. The video takes less than three minutes.

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By the way, the popularity of mining in the world is really growing. On Saturday, the power of the Bitcoin network reached a new historical maximum. This means that it is safer and more reliable than ever.

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Now go to the experiment, whichstarted the first of July. Under it, we have identified three separate computers with different models of video cards - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080ti. For each of them, we chose one cryptocurrency each and minted them exactly one week. Then they calculated the income, deducted the cost of electricity and compared the profit with the predicted figures.

With this test, we want to show that not mine on a home computer with current courses of cryptocurrency is a luxury. It is better to take a video card mining and make money when you are not playing.

What brings GTX 1060 3 GB

Let's start with the most affordable model - GeForce GTX1060 from Nvidia. In our version, the video card has 3 GB of memory, which is not enough for mining some of the coins that are popular today. For example, GTX 1060 3 GB will not be able to dig Aeternity, Grin and Zcoin.

The most profitable cryptocurrency for mining fromavailable will select 2CryptoCalc. The principle of working with a profitability calculator is simple. Specify the hashrate - that is, the performance - of the video card for each algorithm, press the calculation button and get the income. By the way, soon 2CryptoCalc will know the hashraits of different models of video cards by heart, so you only need to specify the number of GPUs and the extraction algorithm.

Here is what the calculator recommended for GTX 1060 3 GB.

We trusted 2CryptoCalc and chose Bitcoin Gold. Immediately recorded the course of the coin: on the day the experiment began, it was $ 26.3.

The most pleasant moment has come - the forecastpossible income. Immediately, we note that the mining calculator does not know how to look into the future, but predicts profitability based on the results at the time of calculation. So if the numbers do not converge, there is nothing criminal in this.

2CryptoCalc shows 4.$ 31 in revenue per week of mining Bitcoin Gold. On the same screenshot, we remember another indicator - the complexity of mining. It shows how difficult it is for a video card to solve a network problem, find a block and get a reward. The higher the complexity, the lower the card yield. On the day of the start of the experiment, the complexity of the Bitcoin Gold network was 196.54 K.

The next step is to connect the computer to the pool.2Miners and mining lasting one week. 2Miners remembers the results of each participant and shows them in the public domain. Under the link you can see the detailed statistics of our GTX 1060 3 GB.

The video card has earned 0.13551 BTG. By the way, on the last day of the experiment, the Bitcoin Gold rate was $ 26.66 per coin, so the income was $ 3.61. This is noticeably less than 0.1635 BTG, which the calculator promised before starting the test. Why is that?

It's all about network complexity. On the first day of the experiment, it was 196.54 K, and on the last - 245.09 K. This means that the miners of other coins were connected to the network, and because of the increase in power, the profit pie had to be divided between many people. Therefore, our income and decreased.

Where income is, there must be expenses. In the case of mining on the gaming computer, the money will be actively eating the video card. Our computer with a GTX 1060 3 GB spends 160 watts per hour or 26.88 kW per week experiment. With an average tariff of 4 rubles per kW, we will need to pay 107.52 rubles for electricity, which translates to 1.69 dollars.

Total: we have 1.$ 92 of net profit for the week of mining Bitcoin Gold (3.61-1.69). They are converted to $ 7.68 per week or $ 92 per year. This money is almost enough for a used video card of the same model, so in fact the card is fulfilling its purchase. By the way, experienced miners are able to reduce consumption through fine-tuning. As a result, savings of 20-30 percent.

Mining profitability on GTX 1070

With other video cards performed the same procedure. For the GTX 1070 2CryptoCalc suggested mining Aeternity - that day the cryptocurrency brought 1.5 dollars and was in first place in terms of profitability.

The rate on the day the experiment began was $ 0.4701 for one Aeternity coin.

Then we went to fix the projected income. For the week, the calculator promised 21.2571 AE or $ 10 profitability.

Finally, we started mining at 2Miners during the week. A summary of how the GTX 1070 computer works is on this page.

In seven days, the video card has earned 16.74683 AE or 7.68 dollars. This is 22 percent lower than expected profit, and the reason is also in the complexity of mining. The indicator increased from 906.9 K to 1.49 M, that is, jumped 1.65 times. In addition, the rate sank - from 0.4701 to 0.4590 dollars. Not surprisingly, the yield is different from the forecast.

We understand with electricity. The system unit with the GTX 1070 consumes 270 watts per hour, that is, 45.36 kW per week of expriment. For the light will have to pay 181.44 rubles or 2.86 dollars.

Total: we have 4.82 dollars of net profit for the week of Aeternity mining (7.68-2.86). So the GTX 1070 will earn $ 231 a year. And if the course grows or the difficulty falls, it will be even more.

How much brings GTX 1080 ti

With Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 ti the most fun. The former flagship has 11 GB of memory, so that you can mine on it. Profitability calculator recommended digging Grin on the algorithm Cuckatoo-31. For the latter, you just need at least 11 GB, so the GTX 1060 3 GB and 1070 could not mine here.

The course Grin at the beginning of the experiment - 4.82 dollars.

After fixing the course, we also recordedprojected profit. 2CryptoCalc recommended counting on 3.4136 Grin or a little more than $ 15 per week. In this screenshot we also remember the complexity of mining at the beginning of the experiment - it was equal to 2.92 G.

For a week on the 2Miners pool, the 1080ti video card brought 2.47248 Grin or 10.4 dollars. This is almost 1 coin less than the calculator predicted. What is the reason for such a drawdown?

Firstly, the complexity played a cruel joke.mining: it has grown from 2.92 G to 3.88 G. Secondly, the Grin course has fallen markedly. On the last day of the experiment, $ 4.21 was given per coin, that is, 12 percent less.

GTX 1080 ti consumes the most - as much as 300 watts per hour or 50.4 kW per week of the experiment. The latter will cost us 201.6 rubles of expenses or 3.17 dollars.

Total: we have 7.23 dollars of net profit for the week of mining Grin (10.40-3.17). They turn into a profit of $ 347 per year, which is enough to buy the most expensive version of AirPods. And still there will be 5 thousand rubles.

Is it worth mining in 2019?

A week of video card mining will not allow youimmediately buy a Lamborghini with a yacht, but will bring some money. At the very least, it will be possible to save money for a new card and double your income. And there and to the full farm on eight GPU close.

Cryptocurrency market is growing steadily, and this is necessaryto enjoy. For example, the first of January for one coin of Ethereum was offered $ 134, and today the rate is $ 274. So even a banal purchase of cryptocurrency at the right time would allow you to get double profit and earn good money.

In general - yes, mine at current rates exactlyuseful and profitable. Learn more about mining and cryptocurrency will help resource 2 Bitcoin, and for tips on setting up and overclocking video cards go to this Telegram-chat.