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Is it possible to create snake venom in the laboratory and why is it needed?

According to the World Health Organization,annually from the bites of poisonous snakes from 81 000 to 138 000 people die. Even if people manage to escape from death, often because of the damage they receive, they remove their limbs and become disabled. Recently, scientists from the Netherlands managed to create snake venom in laboratory conditions, but why did they develop technologies for the production of a substance that kills thousands of people around the world every year? And the thing is that snake venom also has properties that can save a lot more people. Do you already understand what this is about?

Snake venom can be created even in laboratory conditions.

For more than two centuries in a row snake venomused to create so-called anti-snake serums. For some people this may seem surprising, but it is - to create an antidote, scientists need a sample of poison. As a rule, they gather in special snake farms, where each individual is “milked” several times. Subsequently, part of the resulting poison is introduced into the body of healthy horses, in the blood of which immunity is developed over several months. It is this blood that becomes the basis for anti-snake serums.

Do you know what will happen to the snake if it is bitten by another snake?

Artificial snake venom

Since the number of snake bites every yearin the thousands, samples of snake venom to create serums are often not enough. That is why the Dutch scientists decided to create a technology for the production of poison in the laboratory. Thanks to her, to obtain poisonous samples, it will not be necessary to torment snakes and humanity will have an inexhaustible source of substances for creating medicines. Indeed, in addition to creating antidotes, snake venom is used in the production of drugs for problems in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and for strengthening immunity.

Snake venom is used to create antidotes and medicines.

To create a snake venom sourceresearchers needed to get the fabric of real snakes. To do this, they opened snake eggs and removed particles of glands located behind the eyes from the organisms that did not hatch, which are responsible for the production of poison.

At their core, these glands are modified organs for the production of saliva. Only in them is poison produced, which passes through special tubes to the channels of snake teeth.

The extracted tissue samples were placed inspecial solution with nutrients. As scientists expected, tissue cells began to actively divide and in a week release toxic substances. According to the researchers, by changing the environmental conditions and the composition of the solution necessary for cell division, they will be able to change the composition of the artificial poison. Also, do not forget that they can use fabrics of different types of snakes. In the conducted scientific work, the tissues of South African flap cobras (Aspidelapsubricus cowlesi) and seven other snake species were used.

By the way, the coronavirus disturbing many people arose in China precisely because of snakes

According to the toxicologist Jose Marim Gutierrez,The technology created by Dutch scientists is a huge contribution to science. Perhaps thanks to her, in a few years there will be no problems with the production of antidotes and the number of deaths from snakebites will be reduced many times.

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