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Is it possible to catch a cold from the air conditioner?

The summer heat is increasingly surprising meteorologists andordinary people - waves of abnormally warm weather are already becoming something familiar in all parts of the world. They are the result of two effects of global warming at once. First, on Earth, the concentration of greenhouse gases, which trap heat, has long been increasing. Second, scientists are observing changes in atmospheric circulation that shift the climate of hot countries to relatively cold regions. Due to the fact that the hot summer comes every year, many people install air conditioning at home. But some men and women are afraid of this device due to the fact that they can cause a cold. Let's find out if air conditioners pose any health hazard - the question is extremely controversial.

From the air conditioner you can catch a cold - is it true or false?


  • 1 What are air conditioners
  • Why do air conditioners cause colds
  • 3 More dangerous air conditioners
  • 4 How to use the air conditioner correctly
  • 5 Do you need air conditioning at home

What are air conditioners

Air conditioners are usually divided into four types:window, split-systems, block and central air-conditioning systems. As a rule, the last two types are placed in large premises like shops, restaurants, and so on. The apartments also install window air conditioners and split systems. Window systems are preferred by fewer people because they require a huge hole in the wall to install and are loud. The split system is divided into external and internal parts, which are connected by several wires and a hose - a small hole is made in the wall. The cost of air conditioners depends on their power, the cheapest models can be bought for 10-15 thousand rubles.

Most often, split systems are installed in air conditioners.

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Why Air Conditioning Causes Colds

Many sources say that a cold fromair conditioning is a myth. As an argument, the fact is given that the cold cannot cause colds and other diseases. Most often, people begin to cough and feel bad after bacteria and viruses enter the body. This is true, but how to explain the fact that some people really often start to get sick after being exposed to cold air from the air conditioner in the absence of a cold person nearby?

Air conditioners blow too cold air, and this is their danger

The reason is that the air conditioner oftencreates a draft, that is, through air flows. When it is hot outside, the human body is very warm - when cold air blows on certain parts of the body, they are supercooled. Inflammation occurs in these parts of the body, the human body begins to fight pathogens worse, which is why colds and other diseases occur. For the same reason, ordinary fans also carry a danger in extreme heat.

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Why are air conditioners dangerous?

As a result of many years of experienceair conditioners, people have discovered other dangers of these devices. For example, if the system is used throughout the day, it can lead to dry skin due to a decrease in moisture levels. In some cases, pathogenic bacteria and fungi multiply in the heat exchangers of air conditioners. Air conditioners installed in cars can cause headaches because they reduce the oxygen concentration in the cabin during prolonged use.

In some cases, air conditioners cause headaches

How to use the air conditioner correctly

The most important thing when using the air conditioner is notallow the flows from it to be much colder than the surrounding air. For example, if the temperature outside is +30 degrees, it is better to install the air conditioner at +25 degrees, no less. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the air does not blow on your face - it is better to sit further from the system. Many may object that there is no sense in blowing air at a temperature of +25 degrees. In this case, you can turn on the air conditioner at a lower temperature and leave the room while it is running. After 10-15 minutes, the room will be cool and the air conditioner can be turned off. When the room warms up again, the procedure can be repeated.

If you set up the air conditioner correctly, nothing bad will happen.

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Do you need air conditioning at home

Based on everything written above, it turns out thatAir conditioning can still make you sick. So what does it turn out, is it better not to buy it? In fact, if you use the conditioner wisely, it has a lot of benefits. Without it, a person can easily suffer from a lack of fresh air and heat stroke, the dangers of which we discussed in detail in this material. So, it is better to buy an air conditioner - there are more benefits from it than harm.

At a comfortable air temperature, a person lives and works better, so you usually cannot do without an air conditioner.

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