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Is it harmful to drink sparkling water?

Most of us are well aware thatto be healthy you need to eat right and drink more water. Maintaining hydration helps the body regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients and dispose of waste. Moreover, according to the results of previous studies, a glass of water before eating helps overweight people lose weight, facilitates digestion and helps fight fatigue. So why not drink soda water? In the end, it is as good as ordinary water. But is it really so?

Experts agree on one thing - soda is better than sugary drinks

Carbonated liquids and tooth enamel

According to The Conversation, sparkling waterIt is made by filling water with carbon dioxide, which gives the water an acidity level (pH) of 3 to 4. But for the pleasant sensations in the mouth after drinking carbonated drinks, the chemical activation of pain receptors in the tongue, which react to acid, is hidden. Thus, it is widely believed that this acid can damage teeth.

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The outer layer of teeth - tooth enamel, is the mosthard tissue in the body. It consists of a mineral called hydroxyapatite, which contains calcium and phosphate. Saliva mainly consists of water, but also contains calcium and phosphate. As a rule, there is a balance between the minerals in saliva and the minerals of the teeth. In general, the pH in the mouth ranges from 6 to 7, but when it drops below 5.5, the calcium and phosphate molecules leave the teeth and enter the saliva. This process can also occur due to carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks. Such demineralization can damage tooth enamel, gradually dissolving it. And if a person often drinks carbonated drinks, even water, there is a risk of wear and tear or erosion of the teeth. Thus, ordinary carbonated water is better for teeth than flavored carbonated drinks (no matter diet or regular).

Bottled water is a big and profitable business.

It is also worth noting that sparkling water does notsuppresses appetite. There is no convincing scientific evidence to suggest that drinking soda will help you curb your hunger. Yes, the stomach will be filled with sparkling water, but will not stay in the body longer than ordinary water.

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How much water should I drink?

Ministry of Health recommends drinking 2.5 to 3.7 liters per daymen and about 2 - 2.7 liters a day for women. Along with water, this may include low-fat milk and sugar-free drinks, as well as tea and coffee. Water is a healthy and cheap choice to quench your thirst. It does not contain calories and sugar, unlike many sports, energy and carbonated drinks that flood the shelves of supermarkets. Of course, if you replaced sweet soft drinks with sparkling water, then this is a step in the right direction. Therefore, if you want to increase fluid intake, then still water is the optimal solution. However, sparkling water can help avoid dehydration and can be a tasty alternative to plain water. Just don't forget about dental health.