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Is dry ice dangerous?

Did you know that evaporation of dry ice is possiblecatch in a soap bubble? If you throw a granule of dry ice into water, then white smoke and a large number of gas bubbles will appear. When a few drops of liquid soap are added to the water, a thick foam forms from soap bubbles filled with white smoke. This is because dry ice is actually a gas that does not melt, but instantly passes from a solid state to a gaseous one. This is a very simple substance - СО2 in the solid phase, which can be purchased without any problems in briquettes or granules. But how safe is dry ice and its use at home?

Dry ice experiments are really impressive


  • 1 How and why is dry ice used?
  • 2 Principles of dry ice handling at home
  • 3 How to use dry ice safely?
  • 4 Is it possible to choke on dry ice?

How and why is dry ice used?

Dry ice is mainly used for cleaning.surfaces of technical devices such as machine parts and equipment during repair or maintenance. Dry ice is also used in the transport of food, especially for storage and transportation of ice cream. The fact is that dry ice is very easy to transfer from place to place, which greatly facilitates the sale of ice cream and soft drinks. However, many people buy dry ice to conduct a series of exciting experiments at home. You must admit that an instant transition of dry ice to a gas state without an intermediate liquid phase will surprise guests. You can even have a whole show.

The variability of a state of mattersublimation, and its temperature reaches -78.5 ° C. Due to the risk of getting a cold burn, dry ice should not be held in your hands for a long time. As a precaution you can use ordinary cloth gloves.

Here is a bubble of dry ice at home:

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How to use dry ice safely?

It looks like dry ice in granules

As with other substances and chemicals,when used correctly, dry ice is absolutely safe. However, if you neglect the safety rules, you can get serious injuries and endanger the lives of all those present. Therefore, if you or your friends plan to use dry ice at home, take the necessary precautions:

  • Do absolutely all experiments with gloves. Do not forget about the temperature of the substance! In the solid phase, the temperature of dry ice is -78.5 ° C.
  • Do not breathe in the evaporation of dry ice - an excess of CO2 can make you feel unwell and have a headache.
  • Do not place dry ice in an airtight container under any circumstances. It is necessary to store the substance in a container with a pair of small holes - this protects the container from rupture.

Is it possible to choke on dry ice?

Yes. Never use a large number of briquettes or granules of dry ice indoors (for example, in a sauna). A large amount of carbon dioxide can displace air to the ceiling and there is nothing to breathe in the room.