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Is coronavirus really dangerous? Scientist from France proves the opposite

Outbreak of a new virus from Chinaexcited the whole world. All the media speak of the dead and the huge number of infected, the number of which is increasing every day. It is known that many Russian tourists return home early from Chinese cities, and many countries decide to close their borders in connection with the "potential threat." Be that as it may, despite all the events taking place in the world related to the coronovirus, some scientists believe that the Chinese virus is not as serious as, for example, SARS.

Already more than three thousand people from China contracted a coronavirus infection

What is coronavirus infection?

Coronavirus is already known todaymedicine in connection with previous outbreaks of diseases that were caused by this virus. Thus, the epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in 2012 were caused by some varieties of coronaviruses. They bear the main danger to humans because of their mutations, which allow viruses to easily improve resistance to drugs or increase the possibility of penetration into healthy cells. In other words, outbreaks of viral infections are always at risk of pandemics due to the all-new capabilities of the viruses themselves.

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Coronavirus infection is alreadyspread not only in China, but also went beyond its borders. Experts have already recorded cases of coronavirus infection in Thailand, the USA, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. According to an article published on, experts recorded three cases of a deadly new virus in France. According to the doctor treating patients with coronavirus, the virus does not pose a strong threat, and the threat of an epidemic in European territory is unlikely. The doctor, under whose supervision there are patients in France, notes that people with coronavirus infection arrived in their country from the very province of Wuhan, where the first cases of infection were recorded.

All patients with coronavirus infection lived in Wuhan or communicated with local residents.

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Despite the fact that scientists can’tto find out the method of transmission of coronavirus, all patients located in Europe are placed in separate, specially equipped rooms in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. In addition, experts note that all recorded cases of coronavirus infection in Europe are not a surprise to scientists, since tests have already been developed to quickly diagnose the disease at the initial stage.

Experts from France say that Chinesethe type of virus is not as dangerous as, for example, SARS. Based on statistics, experts found that an outbreak of acute respiratory syndrome in 2002 claimed significantly more lives than a real outbreak of the virus over a similar period of time. Thus, the mortality rate from a viral disease that was detected in China is less than 5%, while in SARS it was twice as high.