Is a bushy beard a sign of strength and courage? Scientists believe this is not the case.

Males of many animal species have a brightwool, feathers and a number of other features to attract the attention of females. For example, for this very purpose, peacocks spread their huge tail. Based on the beauty of the tail feathers, females can choose the healthiest male for themselves to mate. Some scientists believe that the beard plays the same role in men. There is a theory that the more vegetation on a man's face, the more in his body the male hormone testosterone and the more robust he has. However, scientists recently conducted a study in which about 100 men took part. After comparing the amount of hair on their face and indicators like self-confidence, the researchers concluded - having a beard in no way makes a man an alpha male.

Scientists believe that a beard is not a necessary indicator of masculinity.

What is testosterone for?

The results of the study werepublished in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study involved 97 men who lead an active lifestyle. The first thing the scientists did was measure their testosterone levels. This bioactive substance is also known as the "masculinity hormone" and is involved in the development of male genital organs, secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth on the face and body, and also influences behavior. It is believed that men with high testosterone levels are confident and have more physical strength than others.

Testosterone is considered the most important hormone in the male body.

Does a beard make men better?

Since testosterone levels are constantly changingunder the influence of various factors, before measuring its level, volunteers were asked to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and even playing sports. Since a saliva sample is taken to measure testosterone levels, they were also asked not to eat or brush their teeth 2 hours before the measurement.

The more a person plays sports, the higher his testosterone level.

After taking saliva samples, participantsthe studies were asked to answer several questions. The authors of the scientific work were interested in their age, body weight, height and amount of facial hair. The scientists decided to find out the last feature on their own - using a caliper, they measured the length of the mustache and beard of each volunteer. Scientists have identified the ability of men to dominate using a questionnaire with questions like "Do you often convince people to behave the way you want?" etc.

Bearded men are believed to be self-confident. But scientists believe that this is not always the case.

Comparing the survey results with the numberfacial hair, scientists have come to the conclusion that this indicator does not affect the confidence of men at all. This means that even people without a chic mustache and beard can be psychologically and physically strong personalities. Conversely, owners of dense vegetation can be weak on all fronts. Most likely, the ability to dominate is most influenced by other factors such as upbringing, environment, and so on. Recently, my colleague Andrey Zhukov talked about how testosterone affects a person's character and the achievement of goals - if you're interested, here's the link.

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What is a beard for?

Soviet scientist Viktor Dolnik believed that a mustache andmen need a beard to attract the attention of women. Charles Darwin adhered to about the same opinion - he called the beard "an adornment that increases the attractiveness of males." Only in the modern world it is no longer surprising to have a beard alone. Of great importance is how well-groomed it is. After all, the opposite sex does not run after homeless people with an abundance of facial hair? Women like men with neat mustaches and beards, and even then not everyone - some prefer clean-shaven men.

It goes without saying that a well-groomed beard attracts the attention of women more than a groomed one.

One of the authors of the scientific publication Science Alertrightly noted that sometimes the beard is used by men to give a brutal appearance. The stereotype that dense vegetation is a sign of high testosterone levels is very popular. Therefore, some women may actually pay more attention to bearded men and consider them to be their best partners. But research shows that this conclusion is sometimes wrong.

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Most likely, scientists will continue to studythe relationship between the presence of a beard and the level of masculinity. In the future, another group of scientists will be able to take this data together with the results of other similar studies to obtain even more accurate results.

What do you think - is a beard a sign of masculinity? Share your opinion in the comments.