Iron Man's jet suit is already on sale (4 pics + 2 videos)

Gravity is a company founded by RichardBrowning was only a year ago and turned into a well-known brand in such a short time. His latest success was the Iron Man suit, which was equipped with an engine with a power of 1050 horsepower.

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Iron Man - not the first development and attempt to createaircraft of this type. It is curious that Browning has predecessors. Yves Rossi has a flying wing fitted with a jet engine. There is also a Flyboard Air from Frankie Zapata and a jet kit from the JB series from David Mayman. These devices have one common flaw - insufficient security. The best ballistic parachute will not be able to help if the pilot falls from a height of more than 30 meters.

And yet Iron Man started selling in someBritish retail stores "just something" for 447,000 US dollars. Iron Man has features that provide training on a specific virtual simulator. Richard Browning personally leads him. The main conditions for admission to his studies - the presence of an aircraft and a plastic card Diners Club.