iPhones will help you find lost third-party devices through the Find My network (2 photos)

Last summer, at WWDC events, the companyApple has pledged to provide its Find My network for finding real devices to third-party companies in the future. Nearly 9 months later, the iPhone maker has delivered on its promise and officially announced its Find My service to locate third-party devices. This will allow any manufacturer of high-tech devices to use the network to track lost gadgets. This requires adherence to the Apple Made for iPhone (MFi) Accessory Guidelines.

The first devices to use the newApple's service will include the VanMoof S3 and X3 electric bikes, Belkin SoundForm Freedom True wireless headphones and Chipolo One Spot tracking tags. Now these gadgets can be discovered using millions of Apple devices running on the Find My network. Support for the above devices began on April 7th.

To use the services of a localApple network, you must apply to MFi and follow the standard Find My network privacy practices. For gadgets that have been verified by Apple, the right to use the Works with Apple Find My mark will be granted, which will allow the consumer to find out about the gadget's support for the Find My search technology.

Apple's official announcement also states,that third-party manufacturers of high-tech devices will be able to obtain chip specifications for integration with ultra-wideband systems in the latest Apple phones, which in the future will provide more accurate tracking of lost gadgets. At the same time, Apple has been working on the creation of its own AirTags trackers for several years, allowing using UWB technologies to find lost things.

Source: theverge