iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS inherited the “disease” of the iPhone X (11 photos)

When the iPhone X came out in due time, its owners complained that the main camera had cracked protective glasses. The same problem was faced by users of the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

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Outraged at the company's official forumApple's clients write that, unexpectedly, the glass on the main chamber began to be covered with cracks. They all assure that they are not to blame for the problem, because they did not scratch or drop their gadgets. The same cracks appear on both battered and on new smartphones.

One of the forum participants said that hissmartphone camera module generally departed from the body. The device at this moment just lay on the table. A few days earlier, a black spot appeared on the photos. Probably, in the module somehow there was dirt.

In total, more than 600 complaints have accumulated, howeverthe manufacturer does not react to them. Last year, when a similar problem arose with the iPhone X, Apple disowned it from marriage, not recognizing this case as a guarantee. So, apparently, the owners of versions XS Max and XS will be forced to pay for repairs themselves or go to court to seek justice.