iPhone will turn into a digital microscope thanks to iDu (3 photos + 2 videos)

iDu Optics LabCam Microscope - adapter,helping to uncover new facets of using the Apple iPhone camera. Now the smartphone can turn into a digital microscope. The manufacturer has equipped an iDu adapter with a professional class 10X lens.

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Stated that, thanks to the iPhone accessory you canInstall on most microscopes with 23 mm / 30 mm detachable eyepieces. The adapter supports fluorescent, dissection and composite microscopes. New exactly aligns the optical components and allows you to receive photos and high-quality video, without setting anything extra. So, the iPhone becomes not only a convenient smartphone and camera phone, but also a tool useful for schoolchildren, students, scientists and engineers.

Mating fruit flies

Slow motion shooting of the morphology of cellular structures (stem cells)

iDu Optics LabCam Microscope is currently sold only on Amazon for 219 US dollars.