IPhone smartphones are easier to crack than Android devices

Modern criminals are actively usingadvanced technologies, including smartphones. Therefore, an important point in the investigation of crimes is the extraction of information stored on mobile devices related to illegal activities. Considering that smartphone manufacturers encrypt data in order to protect confidential data, significant difficulties arise for hacking devices running iOS and Android, which were described by representatives of US law enforcement agencies.

Previously, intelligence agencies paid attention to findinga way to extract data from Apple smartphones running iOS. Currently, law enforcement officers have devices that can extract information from virtually any iPhone. However, according to detectives, receiving information from smartphones running Android, there are serious problems.

If a year ago, the problem of obtaining information concerned only the iPhone, then at the moment law enforcement officers have faced similar problems on Android devices, police say.

Forensic experts who successfullywork with Cellebrite algorithms that open access to information on the iPhone, claim that this technology does not fit Android smartphones. The data from social networks on smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 or Google Pixel 2 remains closed, and when trying to hack the HUAWEI P20 Pro, the Cellebrite algorithm did not give any results at all.

Law enforcers believe that companiesproducers protecting user confidential data, involuntarily come into conflict with the law, not allowing intelligence agencies to receive information about the crime. Nevertheless, the police noted that any smartphone can be hacked, it just takes more time and money.

Source: androidauthority