iPhone secretly takes screenshots (3 pics + video)

The thoroughness of application selection and levelUser security is a matter of pride to Apple. But as practice shows, this pride is unfounded. So recently it became known about the payment by representatives of Facebook to bypass the App Store of applications tracking the user. Now it turned out that a number of popular applications for the iPhone are recording actions on the display of the device, without notifying the user and certainly not receiving permission.

Spying caught a number of applications from hotelsairlines and stores, among them: Expedia,, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister. In the program description, even in small print, there is no mention of such an action. Representatives of the company assure that the purpose of the recording is to track user interaction with applications, study the experience gained and, possibly, refine the functionality. However, this “interaction” may have other, much less innocent consequences.

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Say, in these applications, people contribute informationyour credit cards and passwords. Only some of them encrypt such important data. For example, the airline Air Canada does not bother with this, and after all, people bought tickets in its application.

All applications listed here work withanalytical center Glassbox. Perhaps he is the main culprit of the scandal, although it is hardly the only one. This industry will exist for a long time. But there is hope that the scandal will attract regulators to this problem. As for the news, Apple's leadership responded, is unknown.