iPhone SE is the reason to leave Android

Released recently, the long-awaited "budget"Apple's smartphone continues to receive support from bloggers, brand supporters, developers, and other interested parties. Quite expectedly, the head of Apple Tim Cook, who in a recent interview, called the iPhone SE as one of the reasons to leave the Android ecosystem and go to the camp of iOS supporters, also spoke about the advantages of the new model.

The reason for the optimism of the head of Apple wasmodel availability for users from all over the world. Especially Cook singled out people with a low middle income. According to the businessman, in the near future, the migration of users of their Android camp to the iOS ecosystem can be fixed. You just have to wait, says Cook.

Another Apple chief financial officerThe company Luca Maestri previously noted that despite the difficult economic conditions, the iPhone SE smartphone was enthusiastically received by users around the world.

The main advantage of the new, relativelyThe iPhone SE's low-cost smartphone is its high performance, based on Apple A13 proprietary processors installed in the 2019 flagship iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. At the same time, the price of the device compares favorably with the "older brothers" and starts at $ 399.