IPhone revealed another iOS text bug (video)

Previous critical bug in iOS was detectedtwo years ago. A new bug in the operating system that causes the iPhone to crash was discovered when working with Sindhi text. Symbols entered in a certain sequence cause iOS blocking and iPhone malfunction, on which the latest version of Apple iOS 13.4.1 is installed.

To resume the work of the smartphone, you should either force restart the iPhone, or wait about a minute to restore the normal operation of the Springboard application.

A detected error primarily affectsProcessing the iOS operating system of notifications in applications. In order to eliminate the accidental manifestation of an error or to combat users deliberately blocking smartphones by sending a certain set of characters that lead to a bug, you just need to disconnect notifications from messaging applications.

Apple has already received information abouterrors, and it is hoped that in the next iOS update this bug will be fixed. The beta version of iOS 13.4.5 has already eliminated the error. It is noteworthy that similar errors with the iOS operating system occurred earlier, so in 2018, the arrival of one link on the iPhone could lead to the device freezing.

The craziest iOS crash text bug

- EverythingApplePro (@EveryApplePro) April 23, 2020