IPhone prototypes help hackers crack Apple’s smartphones (6 photos)

One of the main challenges facingCompanies operating in the field of computer security, is the search for methods and techniques of hacking mobile devices, famous for their flawless protection. Sometimes security system bypassing methodology is borrowed from hackers. Cellebrite and Grayshift have been rumored to use the latest iPhone unlock method and provide such services to law enforcement agencies in many countries. How do they manage to find loopholes found out journalists of the Motherboard Internet resource.

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At the core of the original iPhone hacking techniqueis the use of previously stolen from Foxconn factory or missing from the Apple campus of iPhone prototypes. In such models designed for developers, traditionally, most of the functions that protect the iPhone are turned off. Such prototypes are offered on the “black market” for amounts significantly exceeding the price of serial products. For example, for prototypes of the iPhone X they ask for 1800, for the iPhone 8 Plus - 5000 and for the iPhone XR — $ 20,000.

To work with stolen prototypes throughThe computer requires a special cable, which is used by Apple developers. On the black market, it can also be purchased for $ 2,000. Using a prototype, cable and computer, attackers will be able to provide access to the operating system of the smartphone and use the source codes to hack Apple serial devices.