IPhone hacking cables on sale

The tricks of modern computer hackersbecoming more sophisticated. This summer, technology was introduced that allowed Apple to take control of the iPhone by replacing Apple’s Lightning cable with a somewhat redesigned “specialist” cable. Fake accessories were virtually indistinguishable from branded cables and could easily mislead the consumer. Now these cables are already on sale.

Counterfeit Lightning cable allowedestablish remote access to the iPhone, and their existence was told by a cybersecurity specialist at the DefCon conference, where technology developer Mike Grover sold a few for $ 200. The current cost and the number of "released" hacker cables is unknown.

Lightning cable from a specialistAn ordinary user cannot distinguish cyber protection, called O.MG Cable, from an original accessory from Apple, and its acquisition may lead to unforeseen consequences. Therefore, experts insist on the need to buy products only from official, certified Apple dealers, which will be an additional guarantee of iPhone security.

Source: ubergizmo