iPhone 6s "survived" the fall from the plane and filmed the flight (video)

Rough handling of iPhone while shooting withaircraft, allowed Brazilian filmmaker and environmental activist Ernesto Galiotto to demonstrate the unique impact resistance of the Apple iPhone 6s smartphone.

The incident took place in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro,when the enthusiast flew over the beaches of the Praia do Pero lakes. The flight was timed to coincide with the installation of the International Blue Flag sign, an international symbol that confirms the ecological quality of the beach. While shooting from a height of 500 to 300 meters, Galiotto was distracted and held the smartphone with one hand. A gust of wind pulled the iPhone 6s out of the hands of the documentary filmmaker.

However, Galiotto decided to track down the lostsmartphone and with the help of a friend, a computer specialist, using the GPS tracking function Apple Find My, the very next day I found the device. To his surprise, the smartphone continued to work, retained 16% of the battery charge and a video of a dizzying flight from the plane to the ground, lasting 15 seconds. The only damage to the iPhone 6s was the cracked protective glass.

Source: globo