IPhone 13 Pro Max design revealed by Canadian blogger (3 photos + video)

Official presentation of the next episodeApple smartphones will take place no earlier than in four months, but tech bloggers and insiders periodically publish news with the next "sensational" details of the iPhone 13 Pro line. The author of the Unbox Therapy channel Lewis Hilsenteger from Canada did not stand aside, who played a whole performance, during which he compared the size and design of the case, allegedly received by mail, the prototype iPhone 13 Pro Max with the existing flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max.

During the demonstration, the blogger noted that the futurethe smartphone almost completely repeats the design of its predecessor (if this leak is correct, it is not in vain that there are rumors that the next series may be labeled iPhone 12s).

The main difference that immediately catches the eye isthere is a sharp decrease in the size of the branded "eyebrow" in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. During the demonstration, Hilsenteger accurately measured the length of the "eyebrow" along the front of the prototype he received and compared this figure with the data of the real iPhone 12 Pro Max. In the layout, the notch is 26.3 mm long, while in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the "eyebrow" reaches 34.62 mm, which is 8.32 mm more.

Another change to the iPhone 13 Pro Max layouttouched the size of the main camera module. It still houses three optical sensors, but the sensors themselves have somewhat "grown" in diameter, and the entire block of cameras has become a little larger. Otherwise, the design of the future flagship iPhone is practically the same as its predecessor: it has the same overall dimensions, small bezels on the screen, a Lightning connector and a proprietary volume control.