IPhone 12 Pro unboxing video presented (video)

Apple presentation of the new iPhone 12 serieswas widely discussed in the community last week. Experts are studying the technical parameters and evaluating the redesign of new smartphones. However, only a few lucky ones have a real opportunity to see the new product before the date of the official sale. The first video showing the unboxing of the iPhone 12 Pro model has appeared on YouTube.

In a short video, no more than 14 seconds, byshows the unboxing of the iPhone 12 Pro in graphite paint. In the video, you can see that the back of the smartphone is matte. The LiDAR sensor located in the triple camera unit is also noticeable.

The main design feature of the lineThe iPhone 12, of course, is getting flat edges, returning the look and feel of the iPhone 4 models. The flat edges are made from polished metal.

Currently pre-order in Chinaon the iPhone 12 Pro model almost equaled the order for the base model iPhone 12 and ranged from 30 to 35%. Meanwhile, the "budget" Apple iPhone 12 mini so far only wanted to buy 15% of users who placed an order.