IPhone 11 screens do not satisfy users with the quality of coverage (6 photos)

The specialists did not have time to complete all tests ondurability and resistance to external influences of the new series of smartphones iPhone 11, as the manufacturer rained claims about the poor quality of the screen surface. According to a large number of consumers, the appearance of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro display loses its appearance in a few days and scratches appear on it with the naked eye.

On a dedicated Apple sitespecializing in technical support for users, a discussion was opened in which the owners of the new iPhone tell the tragic story of the loss of the screen of their original appearance. At the same time, the owners naturally state that they adhered to the rules of operation and did not keep smartphones in the same place with keys, metal coins and other sharp and hard objects.

In a short time, Apple SupportThere have been numerous complaints backed by photographs of damaged screens. According to the owners, the screen was damaged as a result of contact even with soft objects, such as a plastic key case.
At the time of the presentation, Apple developers promisedthat the strength of the glass will be quite high, but specific technical data were not given. Experts suggest that Apple believed that they provided protection against chips and cracking, but not from scratches, and did not provide sufficient glass hardness. Currently, complaints are not systemic, although they have already collected more than 10 pages of photos on the support forum. Apple has not yet commented on the situation.