IPhone 11 Release Date Revealed

Apple product fans are always carefultrack all events related to the presentation of new company gadgets. All the more sensational was the random announcement of the start of sales of new iPhone models.

Information about the start date of sales of iPhone 11 "leaked"President of the Japanese telecommunications corporation SoftBank Ken Miyauchi. The fact is that starting from October 1, a new law comes into force in Japan, obliging operators to sell separately packages for the Internet and mobile communications.

During a meeting with investors, Miyauchi was askedthe question of how the company realizes this condition after the release of the new iPhone 11. The SoftBank head replied that the company will have time for 10 days after the start of smartphone sales until the law comes into force. Then the businessman apologized and noted that he should not have disclosed this information.

By simple arithmetic, you canCalculate that the sale date falls on September 20, 2019. Previously, information was received on prices for the new flagships from Apple. The price of the top iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will be equal to 1292 and 1422 dollars, and the smartphone, which will replace the XR, is estimated at 989 dollars.

Source: phonearena