iPhone 11, after six months at the bottom of the lake, kept working and returned to the owner (video)

Six months, since September 2020, spent underLake Harrison in southwestern Canada had little effect on the performance of the iPhone 11, owned by Vancouver resident Fatema Godsey. The smartphone was discovered by a married couple Helkenberg, who is fond of diving and along the way cleans the bottom of the lake from foreign things lost by tourists visiting the local water park.

During the pandemic, Clayton Helkenberg lostthe main work and was closely carried away by what I love, along the way I return the lost things to tourists. Last year, he found over a hundred pairs of sunglasses, 26 mobile phones and two GoPro cameras. This year, he has already harvested an underwater crop of 35 pairs of sunglasses, five phones and one GoPro.

During the next cleanup missionthe bottom of the pond, Helkenberg's wife Heather and discovered the iPhone 11 belonging to Godsey. Usually, to turn on drowned smartphones, an enthusiast places them for a while in a bag with silica gel, but in the case of the iPhone, this was not needed - the smartphone turned on immediately after cleaning it from dirt. At the same time, it retained its performance, and even the battery, according to the divers, turned out to be 96% charged. Only the microphone and speakers did not work.

To determine the owner, Helkenberg extractedThe SIM card of the drowned device, determined the phone number and contacted the owner, who first took the message about the find for a prank of friends. As a result, Fatema Godsey returned her smartphone six months later, and Harrison Lake became a little cleaner.