IPad Pro tablet flexes easily with your hands (video)

New Apple iPad Pro 2020 tabletscustomers who are primarily interested in how successfully eliminated the main problem of the previous model of 2018, namely the weak strength of the case, have already begun to arrive. IPad Pro 2018 tablets were easily bent by the hands until cracks appeared, which forced users to be extremely careful about a portable mobile device.

The first tests do not inspire optimism andindicate a persisting problem. If the strength tests of the model of 2018 were carried out by the blogger JerryRigEverything, then EverythingApplePro was the first to get to the iPad Pro 2020 model, which was convinced of the low strength of the tablet case during bending tests.

Note that hand bending testis subjective and depends on the strength of the tester, especially since the models of 2018 and 2020 were bent by different bloggers. However, the demo video showed that for the first cracks to appear on the iPad Pro 2020 model, the blogger did not have to put in much effort, and the body was malleable “like butter.”

Therefore, buyers of the iPad Pro 2020 shouldtake this feature of Apple’s ultra-slim tablets into account and take care of their use. In the meantime, Apple’s criticism is growing on the network, whose engineers are not too generous with technical innovations in the updated tablet, and also have not taken care of increasing the strength of the case.