IPad mini 2019 review: updated small tablet

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By popular demand, iPad mini is back. It would seem that we are unlikely to receive such a gift from Apple, but miracles happen. I have a brand new 2019 iPad mini on my tests.

This is still the same compact tablet, however, it was supplemented with the newest and best filling. Are you ready for this after four years of lack of updates?

  • Specifications
  • Design and construction
  • Tablet display
  • Interface and functionality
  • Iron productivity
  • Connectivity and connections
  • IPad mini 5 camera
  • Multimedia and sound
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • IPad mini 2019 specifications

    Display size and resolution

    7.9-inch True Tone 2048 × 1536

    Pixel density

    326 ppi

    Dimensions (millimeters)

    203.2 × 134.8 × 6.1


    300.5 grams



    Video recording

    HD 1080p


    7MP, 1080p


    A12 bionic


    64/256 GB


    3 GB


    19.1 Watt hour lithium — polymer

    Fingerprint scanner

    Touch ID



    Headphone port


    Apple Pencil support

    First generation

    Design and construction

    Looks like this updated Apple tablet.almost the same as the distant predecessor. Maybe you were waiting for something new - however, the 2019 model is quite difficult to distinguish from the 2012 version. Nevertheless, even today, this 7.9-inch baby looks great.

    IPad mini 2019 got the “typical” style of the pastApple tablets with a glass front, aluminum case and beveled edges. As always, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. That's just he left a huge "forehead" and no less "chin." I think if it were with minimal or zero frames, it would not be so practical considering the size.

    You cannot use the iPad mini with one hand,like a phone. Most of you are also unlikely to use it in the lateral position with the keyboard connected, as is the case with large iPads. Almost all the time you will hold it in your hand, so it is important that there are no random touches of the display. In general, the framework here is in place, but the gadget itself remained light, balanced and very convenient.

    Tablet display

    The new iPad mini has received almost the sameLaminated display, like its predecessor mini 4. I am glad that it was returned, because such a screen will provide excellent visibility on the street. So far, only the cheaper 6th generation iPad (2018) does not have a laminated display.

    The screen size of the iPad mini 2019 has not changed - everythingthe same 7.9 inches, with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels (326 ppi), which corresponds to the Retina standard. However, the updated tablet received a wider color gamut of DCI-P3, and also supports the display technology True Tine from Apple.

    Wide range of colors helps the devicework with HDR-content, and True Tone adapt images to the ambient lighting in different situations. We have already seen that this technology does an excellent job on the iPhone.

    If you turn off True Tone, the image will behave a small bluish tint, although it is almost imperceptible. Viewing angles are also very good here. The image is equally displayed at almost any angle.

    Interface and functionality

    IPad mini 2019 runs on iOS 12.2. So far this is the latest version of the operating system. Here you will find a whole set of useful gestures, which may even be too much. Apple developers decided to compile many of the older programs with new ones.

    By the way, the good old round has survived here.a button that will always bring you back to the home screen or open a multitasking panel. However, any action with a button has a similar functional gesture on the screen.

    I count multitasking gestures on Apple iPad mini2019 is not the easiest, but still they are fast. Often, some actions are convenient and simple, but not too intuitive. In this case, I recommend to explore the possibilities of iOS, including not the most obvious.

    Apple has added support to a small tabletApple Pencil stylus first generation. Designers and those who still appreciate the experience of writing and not typing will love this. When I used the new iPad mini, every time I took notes with pleasure - you hold the tablet with one hand, and write down the necessary with the other.

    I will say this: Although this is the most new iPad, but it is more than a simple update line. True, I would like to use it and Face ID (unlock on the face), but it has already become inconvenient to drag your finger to the button.

    Iron productivity

    The most important difference in stuffing between iPad mini andThe new iPad mini 5 is the transition from the Apple A8 processor to the more productive A12 Bionic. The amount of RAM increased to 3 GB, and internal from 64 to 256 GB.

    IPad mini 2019 has become faster and more powerful than itspredecessor. The A12 Bionic processor is the best mobile chip for today it will cope with any task. Yes, the Apple A8 in iPad mini 4 was once the best chipset, but that was 4 years ago. Apple has made tremendous changes, but tests will show how successful they are.

    Apple has always been proud toreleases devices that work at the speed of thought. That is how the latest iPad mini works. I worked on a tablet, browsed the web, played games and even edited 4K videos. The device coped with each task without freezes. Surprisingly, the processing and export of almost four minutes of 4K video from iMovie gadget was very easy.

    I immediately asked an important question. Can iPad mini 5 replace a computer? Of course not. The iPad Pro lineup will be the most functional and honed for complex tasks, but even it will not become a full-fledged replacement for a laptop.

    Connectivity and connections

    Regarding iPad mini connectivity options2019, then you will not see anything particularly new here - except for Bluetooth 5.0. We have all the same dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G support, as in the previous mini. The SIM module for communication is unlocked, so the gadget can be connected to any operator.

    IPad mini 5 camera

    Obviously not first you will think abouttaking pictures when buying a tablet. But, sometimes it will be a useful function, especially if you do not have a smartphone (which is almost unreal). In such cases, iPad mini will help you out and do a good job with the task.

    But, Apple almost did not change the filling of the camera, here is the same 8-megapixel module. The change affected only the front camera - the sensor has increased from 1.2-megapixel to 7-megapixel with HDR support.

    Image quality

    Photos taken on iPad mini 2019, bymost of them are impressive for both the tablet camera. With good lighting, mini produces very clear images with accurate color reproduction and an impressive dynamic range.

    Of course, managing dynamic scenes is notthe latest iPhone level. Very bright areas may be blurred, and the overall color composition to suffer. Still, with due diligence, you can get colorful and clear photos.

    As expected, the quality of images is reduced with a lack of lighting, gritiness and blurring appear. Due to the long exposure movement in the frame becomes noticeable, and the smallest details are shaded.

    Video quality

    But in terms of shooting a video, nothing has changed. iPad mini has the ability to record in 4K with continuous autofocus, with which the updated device copes in two ways. Slow motion video is limited to 1080p resolution.

    By the way, shooting in 1080p looks good, includingincluding due to the electronic stabilization. Focusing works perfectly, although the lack of continuous autofocus does not allow you to record long dynamic videos.

    Multimedia and sound

    For most of us, the multimedia capabilities of the device are essential when buying a tablet. iPad mini 2019 succeeded in this. It has stereo speakers pointing down.

    They sound quite decent for a smalldevices with pleasant bass frequencies, which most smartphones do not have. It may be subjective, but I note - the dynamics of such a gadget should be directed to the side or installed on the front panel, and not from below. And of course, there is a headphone jack.

    Autonomy iPad mini 2019

    I was very interested in how strongaffected the performance of the new A12 Bionic processor on the system and its energy efficiency. Apple claims that the iPad mini 2019 is capable of working on one charge for up to 10 hours while surfing the web and watching videos.

    In my test the result was almostidentical - 9.5 hours, and this is 1 hour more than that of the iPad mini 4. From experience, I would say that this Apple tablet can work full-time or several days with a light load. Even if you are a fan of mobile games, you will be able to play for a long time before the device discharges the battery.

    But, I was a little disappointed recharge time. The new iPad mini took about 4 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. This is half an hour longer than the previous model.


    Should I change the iPad mini 4 to the updated mini 5? You decide. But there are several reasons for this. First of all, performance. Apple did a great job optimizing the gadget. Let previous models still work smartly, but iPad mini 2019 is faster.

    What is difficult to argue with is moralaging No matter how good the rest of the tablets, but modern games and applications constantly require more power. Even if you read a lot, you are viewing the pages before bedtime or during the day, then True Tone technology and special display coverage will allow you to do it with maximum convenience.

    Finally, there is now support for the Apple Pencil stylus. The tablet has become more convenient for recordings, notes, drawing and any creative work.


    • Apple Pencil support.
    • Excellent battery life.
    • Good camera in daylight.
    • Light and small with the best in class ingredients.
    • Easy to read display in almost any situation.
    • Lightning performance and smoothness even in complex tasks.


    • Charges for a long time.
    • The camera is not very good in low light.
    • Gestures for management need optimization.
    • Outdated design like the first iPad mini 2012.

    Review of the updated iPad mini tablet 2019 - video